Sonamarg “The meadow of gold”

Adventurous routes with stunning river, rich pine trees, lush meadows and frozen lakes all around the valley.


Sonamarg means gold and marg a meadow, this meadow of gold is trekker’s heaven as is has adventurous routes with stunning river, rich pine trees, lush meadows and frozen lakes all around the valley. The vale is believed to be bestowed with mystical water which turns everything into eternal riches. The most striking for travelers who observe their culture and way of life in the wild valley.

The nomads or Gujjars live in mud & log shelters for the stay during the summer. Man don a traditional Turban and women with ‘tumar’ hanging from their head-cap are still observed in the Gujjar inhabited areas. The migration of nomads and other local habitation can be witnessed during the arrival of summer. Heavy snowfall during winter disconnects Sonamarg from rest of the valley when road up to Kulan (70km) is barely open. Sind River flowing through the valley is a natural hatchery for Trout, angling is favourite among the visitors in the area, permission has to be obtained from the fisheries department.

Ascending Sind river makes Sonamarg ideal for River Rafting. Rafting competitions are held during summer by the authorities. Adventure sports like Paragliding gets lots of takers during the summer. The rugged countryside market makes one feel the thrill of adventure. The sparse houses, a school, a mosque and a dispensary in the village adds to the charm of the valley. Sonamarg market has some of the oldest tea stall and shops where one can buy the daily use food items, the area has facilitated the travelers on Leh road for decades. The roaring Sind creates a constant cool breeze, it is hard to get off from such heavenly environs. Tourists can avail assistance at the tourist office at Sonamarg Tourist Complex. Sonamarg is the gateway to the national highway that leads to Ladakh.

Places of interest

Thajiwas: The everlasting Thajiwas glacier, 3 km from Sonamarg, provides a chance to enjoy sledge ride on the snow even in mid-summer. Ponies are available up to the glacier from Sonamarg. Superb campsites in Thajiwas area make it a prime location for scholl camps and trekkers durin the summer. The peaks adjacent to the glacier site posses huge glacier which makes the sight more pleasant and thrilling.