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Kashmir treking packages
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Best Kashmir trekking packages

Are you looking for the best Kashmir trekking packages? We customize treks according to your needs (Time, Fitness, Budget). We employ local guides and use local resources to enhance your experience and boost local economy. We cover complete tours – Kashmir tour packages, Himalaya trekking packages, adventure tours, wildlife tours, pilgrimage tours, river rafting, honeymoon packages etc. We have the best deals for Kashmir trekking packages, and the best tours of North India. The trekking season in Jammu & Kashmir extends from June through September. Trekking in Kashmir doesn’t simply mean walking over forested mountains, as it also involves experiencing the local culture. As the trekker climbs higher the landscape changes. Chinar and poplar trees are replaced by pine and oak and finally birch trees, the alpine meadows and a profusion of colourful wildflowers. The villagers of the plains with their fruit orchards and paddy fields are replaced by migrant families of Gujjars (nomads), shepherds who cross the high mountain passes with their cattle in search of greener pastures.

Best Treks

kashmir great lakes trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The Kashmir Great lake Trek is in no need of an introductory treatise. It presents the poem in itself. You’ll draw a preface of it by simply hearing its name. Kashmir is a fantastic place and if you’re on a Himalayan trek you’re absolute to taste the natural beauty and adventure.

tarsar marsar lake trek

Tarsar Marsar lake trek

Tarsar Marsar Lake Trek is one among the highly opted treks of the Kashmir valley. It is a trek encompassing a journey to the two beautiful twin lakes, Tarsar and Marsar, encircled by the peaks of Kolhai Mountain.

Kolahoi Glacier Trek

Kolahoi Glacier Trek

Kolahoi glacier is one of the longest glaciers in Jammu and Kashmir and in the past it extended for at least 35 km. in the Pleistocene there have been three advances of Kolahoi glacier and the last one of them was a major advance when the glacier extended as far as Pahalgam.

Kashmir Short Treks

Kashmir Short Trek

​Sonamarg means a 'meadow of gold'. The most important township in the fertile Sind valley, Sonamarg is the last major township in Kashmir on the road to Ladakh. Sonamarg is also the staging point for some of the most popular treks in the higher altitudes. The most popular short trek originating from Sonamarg is the Kashmir Short Trek. It covers the lakes of, Vishansar Lake and Kishansar Lake.

Javed shangloo

Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek

The Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek also known as the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is one of the most popular treks in the Kashmir valley that unwrap the peaceful magnificence of the Kashmir region. It’s one in all the treks in the Indian Himalayan region that whirls on the tracks to a number of the high altitude lakes of India that glitters within the midst of huge alpine meadows, which are dotted with vibrant orchids.

gangabal lake trek

Gangabal Lake Trek

Naranag-Gangabal-Trek expedition is the only trek in Kashmir which remains open most of the year. The trek passes through pine forests, meadows and reaches its destination at the twin alpine lakes situated at the foothills of mount Haramukh (5300M). Though trekking in Kashmir is not newest but still this expedition is no walk in the park. .


The Himalayas offer some of the most amazing hiking destinations in north India and is a major travelers hot-spot in the country. Kashmir valley offers offbeat adventure holiday places. Ranging from a weekend, short treks to extensive advanced mountaineering opportunities, Himalayas has something for everybody.

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