Doodh Pathri

Doodh Pather

42 km from Srinagar in the District Budgam, Doodh pathri is a marvelous bowl-shaped valley. The shepherds from different areas travel to this place along with their cattle and stay here for days together. It is believed that the cattle grazed at the meadows of Doodh pathri produce rich milk in large quantities, for this reason, it is called the “valley of milk” Doodh (milk) pathri (valley). This valley is connected to Gurez and Poonch on its North by adventurous trekking route. The spot has been attracting travelers for a long time, however, it has recently been declared as a tourist destination. Off the Srinagar Airport road, the route to Doodh pathri passes through the famous villages of Budgam. Crossing the most revered shrine of the area Khan Sahab, Metalic road up to Yarikha (32 km) passes through rugged villages, whereafter a rough stretch of nearly 12 km journey offers a spectacular view of the valley. Visitors can relish a cup of tea at the kiosks during peak season at the main meadow.

The area is inhabited by Gujjars “nomads” who are also the caretakers of the cattle of the villagers in summer. A full day trip to Doodh pathri with packed lunch and some snacks could be a bonus of your visit to Kashmir.

Best time to visit: April to October

Places of interest

Gogji pathri : A picturesque sparsely populated village, which also serves as the base camp to the main destination “Doodh Pather”. The farms and streams make this spot worth stopping at for a while.

Shrine of Khan Sahab: Shrine of Hazrat Syed Saleh Khan RA, who was born in the 11th century, migrated from Pakistan region to Kashmir valley and became the disciple of Baba Naseer-ud-Din a prominent seer of the times. Khan Sahab meditated in the cave where the present shrine has been built. A few km from Budgam town shrine is on the way to Doodh pathri annual festival “urs” for one week is celebrated in the month of Zeeqad at the Shrine.

Shrine of Shams faqir RA: A noted saint and poet of Kashmir born in 1832 in Chinkra Mahal, Srinagar. Shams Faqir has given a collection of poems that depict the purity of soul and closeness to Almighty. Though he was illiterate his poems have become a part of rich Kashmiri literature. One of his famous couplets is “Makka Madinas Bar Chi Wathye, Neari Latiye roof karan” (The doors of Mecca and Madina are wide open, oh my friend, come out and sing.)

Shamas Faqir gave up domestic life and used to live and meditate in mountains and far off villages, he died in 1901 a village at Budgam.

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