Yousmarg mesmerizes tourists with its scenic meadows, a sparkling reservoir, and mountains comparable to European Alps. In the district Budgam, situated amidst Sang-e-Safed valley, Yousmarg is reputed for some of the highest peaks in the Pir-Panjal range like Tatakoti 4725, Romesh Thong 4700 m and sunset Peak 4746 m. The mighty river Doodh Ganga rising from these peaks flows through a gorge behind the plateau and a dis-tributary of this river flows into the reservoir on the front-side of the meadow.

The word ‘Yus’ is said to be indicative of ‘Yuzu’ or Jesus PBUH; it is believed that Jesus PBUH passed through this valley while traveling into Kashmir with the chosen people of the Lord. A major trekking route from Yousmarg leads to a famous spot called Tosa-maidan, a large meadow used for cattle grazing. This area is connected through rough routes to places like Gulmarg, Poonch and Doodh Pather. The springs in the region are famous for medicinal qualities the most of the region has its drinking water supplied from the springs. The natural slopes of Yousmarg offer rugged skiing opportunities to experts. School camps and adventure tours are organized in the valley for the week to a fortnight for exploring the thrilling areas and trekking routes. A day trip to Yousmarg is now added in the itineraries by tour operators a visit to this secluded tourist destination is recommended. Stay in personal tents is recommended for nature-loving travelers.

The expeditions to the various peaks in the area can be arranged through the travel agents in Srinagar. Horse riding in the valley can be a lot of fun, even children can try their skills with the support of able ponnywallas. The charges per round or for a specific time period are reasonable at this destination. Most of the visitors have found it the most charming tourist spot as it has more nature to offer than the man-made construction around.

Metallic hilly road of 12 km from Tsar-e-sherief passes through the pine forests and rugged villages. Visitors are advised to carry rainproofs during the trip as the frequent change in the weather occurs at this destination.

Places of interest

Doodh Ganga: A river at distance of 2 km from the main meadow is approachable on foot yet the visitors prefer horse ride t the roaring river amidst dense forest.

Nilnag: A short trek of 4 km to Nilnag a small lake amidst pine trees, near a hamlet, gives an ultimate pleasure to a visitor. Ponies are available at the main meadow for the visitors.

Frozen Lake: A full day trek from Yousmarg to a frozen lake in San-e-Safed (white stones) valley is quite a fascinating one. The lake is usually covered under icebergs throughout the year. Trekkers are advised to carry tents and sufficient food to this high altitude lake with the assistance of a guide.

Tsrar-e-sharief: Shiekh Noor-ud-Din Noorani RA popular as Nund-Reshi or Alamdar-e-Kashmir was born in 1378 AD at Kaimuh a village in Anantnag district. 30 Km from Srinagar, the road to this shrine passes through the Karewas of Budgam. Nund Reshi was the patron of the Sufism in Kashmir who showed disinterest in worldly matters from childhood and renounced the world at an early age of 12 in search of the divinity of God.

He was illiterate and yet spontaneously uttered concise and rhythmic verses called ‘Shruks’ which are considered of high value in Kashmiri literature. His famed saying on environment protection ‘Ann poshei talie yalei wann poshei’ (Food will sustain only when jungle’s sustain) has been most publicized through in Kashmir for environment protection. The original shrine is said to have been built in the reign of Akbar and the adjoining mosque constructed by an Afghan governor, Atta Mohammed Khan. After the devastating fire incident during the nineties, Shrine was raised to the ground and the present building was reconstructed by the state authorities with its original grandeur.

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